Please note that this site is for the Aces High online flight sim, not the original Flying Tigers Squadron. We salute those who fought in China so many years ago. If you're looking for their official site, it's at



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The Flying Tigers AVG

The Flying Tigers AVG is a squadron that flies in Aces High, formerly in Air Warrior, which are/were World War II simulation games.

In past years, the Tigers have been joined by the SkyKnights Fighter/Bomber Group.SkyKnights

Tigers Credo: TEAM FIRST

The Flying Tigers AVG believe in TEAMWORK, and we are always looking for Aces High pilots who believe in our principles. If you fly AH and are interested in joining the Team, take one of us aside and talk to us. Our policy for recruitment is simple, just fly along with the Tigers for at least one Squad Mission and one Training exercise (training is held in the AH training arena on Tuesday nights, 6:00 P.M. Pacific). A member of the Squad will nominate you, and the entire Squad will vote on acceptance. Tigers are asked to commit to attend at least TWO SQUAD EVENTS and TWO TRAINING NIGHTS every month. At other times feel free to fly anywhere at any time, but during Squad Events and Training all Tigers are expected to fly with the Team.

All players in the arena will be treated with the respect that they deserve. Respect is earned, not demanded - some players earn it, others may not. Tigers will not be abusive or overly insulting to other players in the arena.

Help Others
Tigers will, whenever possible, help newbies and other players in the arena with their questions or other assistance. After all, we all started out as newbie dweebs. Whenever possible, Tigers will help other countrymates in a fight.

Country Loyalty
Tigers will remain loyal to their "country" in the daily arena. special event arenas and Training Arenas are not considered the daily arena.

No Cheats
Tigers will not utilize any software, equipment or technique to "cheat" in the arena, nor utilize or abuse any game "bugs" to obtain kills or accumulate score.

Squad Loyalty
When a Tiger logs on to the arena, he or she should immediately announce on the squad channel that another Tiger has logged on, and ask where he/she is needed. (Of course, if you're using Game Voice, we know you're there.) Whenever possible, Tigers should stick together in the arena, whether it's a squad night or not.

No Milkrunning
"Milkrunning" is the term given to a single aircraft bombing an undefended (and usually remote) target, for the sole purpose of padding score/points. Tigers do not milkrun - we fight our way in, attack the target, and fight our way out.

Score is Irrelevant
Tigers don't fly for padding score, or accumulating kills - we fly together for camaraderie and the TEAM OBJECTIVE. Mission success is our objective, not individual glory.

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